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Mathematics Years 1-8


Targeted support:

This programme is designed to support the development of all teachers in primary schooling being effective culturally responsive teachers of mathematics for all the students using an inquiry model to reflect and improve their practice. This includes using digital technologies to supplement traditional ways of teaching and opening up new learning and different ways of learning.

The expected outcomes:

  • Whole school in-depth work - a whole school, in-depth approach to address issues of within-school variance; and lift overall student achievement in mathematics and reduce disparities in mathematics achievement.
  • Mathematics leadership communities - developing professional leadership in the mathematics and statistics learning area.
  • Content knowledge workshops – increasing teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and subject content knowledge in mathematics and statistics.
  • There will also be an opportunities to link classroom focused professional learning with simultaneous participation in appropriate graduate/post graduate study 



  • Teachers in primary schools (Years 1-8), in particular years 4-8.
  • Performance in lower decile schools is targeted.

Methods of delivery:

This PLD is available throughout 2016 across the North Island. We will work with schools in the following Ministry of Education regions: 

  • Northern
  • Central North
  • Central South 

In-depth support to schools will take 75% of this programmes' time and 25% of the support will be used for leadership communities, and content knowledge workshops for teachers.

The mathematics leadership communities and content knowledge workshops are open to all schools within the region, not just teachers involved in the in-depth programme.

Length of programme is various, depending on individual schools strengths and needs analysis.

Mathematics Impact story (2014) Mathematics Infographic (2013)
Mathematics Impact story (2015) Mathematics Infographic (2014)
Mathematics Infographic (2015)  


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