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Priority learners achieve success in maths

School populationLearning conversations engage students with their progress in mathematics

A small, decile 2 intermediate school encourages teachers to improve their use of formative assessment to engage students in mathematics and accelerate their progress.Reviewing the mathematics targets set for intermediate students in the annual charter it became evident that the school needed to accelerate their students' progress.

This group of target students were identified ‘well below’ or ‘below’ national standards in maths.Maths data 2016In analysing student assessment data from Term 1 with staff, it became clear that there were opportunities to support teachers in using assessment formatively and develop student-focussed modules of work to address student needs and interests.

Once specific needs had been identified for each class and a teaching plan developed, the facilitator supported teachers to use learning progressions to develop challenging individual targets for each student. Teachers working with individuals and with groups noticed that the learning conversations about goals and targets enabled them to gain a deeper insight into their students understanding of key concepts.  When evaluating the module of work teachers reported that they had noticed increased engagement from students as they knew that what they were learning was relevant to their needs and they felt a great sense of achievement when reaching their targets.

In the video below, two target students talk proudly about goal setting and their achievements in mathematics.

As a result of these interventions, significant gains have been made over a short period of time.The following data was collected at the end of 2015 (Year 7) and again mid 2016 (Year 8) for the same cohort. The Numeracy stages have been converted to a 20 point scale.

Target student progress maths Number stage conversion
In Multiplication and Division their 2015 average was 9.88, now it is 11.32. Expectation is that at the end of Year 7 they would be Early Stage 7 and at the end of Year 8, at Stage 7 – making a move of 2 points. An average rate of progress is 2 points per year and this shows this target cohort have moved 1.24 in the first four months of the year.

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